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PLAIX is an Ecosystem for communities, guilds, brands to share value with participants and enable liquidity in the metaverse.


Welcome to an introduction to PLAIX Protocol. We hope you find the answers you're looking for here.
Our vision in PLAIX is to simplify the distribution of the value of community around brands and businesses. Our ecosystem leverages blockchain technology and smart contracts to enable virtual assets for communities, reward loyalty, enable primitives that open the gate to liquidity in communities before heavy corporate structures.


Communities are now everywhere – around opinion leaders, brands, companies, items, animal defenders, or adherents of a healthy lifestyle. Communities are built in real and virtual worlds with hard-to-understand borders between them.
PLAIX came directly from the understanding that people in the community can get even more value from being part of something bigger than the individual.
And we recognize that communities struggle to see and scale their value after the euphoria of the first creation is gone. Each person in the community contributes to its development: completion of some tasks, knowledge sharing, brainstorming, promotion of the community. Value recognition, rewarding, making the value accountable for the contributors are key for the community to get strong and grow.


PLAIX helps to create value for people, build new governance, reward and monetize the community (sell access / create revenue), encourage better content or discussion; customize your points; empower the community.
PLAIX Ecosystem gives the power to communities to get to the point they have never been before.


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