What I will be able to do with PLAIX?

PLAIX provides such tools and opportunities:

  • transactions: tipping, donations, microtransactions;
  • markets: value exchange, commerce, selling products, and assets;
  • payments: interest-based paid communities, community purchases, subscriptions, memberships;
  • DeFi: funding, liquidity, farming, borrowing, insurance, pools market;
  • GameFi: digital goods, assets, personalizations, increase access, receive benefits, etc.;
  • Conversational bots: automation major messengers, conversational solutions, communities to provide functionality for community development, virtual asset management;
  • connection: platform integration, hybrid experience, integration of existing assets from another project.
PLAIX implements the financial layer for the communities and brand audiences. The PLAIX ecosystem enables communities to extend their operations by adding another external decentralized application. PLAIX is the bridge between communities/people and external decentralized applications.
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