Introducing $PLAIX Token
PLAIX token is the most unique part of the project. It gives the power to develop a strong product and drives the activity in the ecosystem.

Why PLAIX token?

This is a token that works with blockchains and brings the best solution for communities and organizations. PLAIX token is the point for using PLAIX ecosystem features. To execute the use cases of the Ecosystem in exchanging, spending, earning, storing community tokens communities have to use PLAIX token as a fuel to make these operations happen. PLAIX token can be integrated into the web2 and web3 software, tools that communities use for their own goals. PLAIX token is a core asset of the PLAIX Ecosystem. It has been designed to give the participants of the Ecosystem the ability to transact, stake, govern, reward, pay, and participate.


PLAIX token has a limited supply of 50 billion tokens minted on the genesis block. The whole token supply will be locked and has different vesting option that depends on the stage of the development of the Ecosystem.
PLAIX token is a cross-chain asset with bridges to every blockchain widely supported in the community and with the ability to execute smart contracts, run DApps.
Some parts of PLAIX token will be sold publicly and privately to get capital to build and promote the Ecosystem. All other PLAIX tokens will be distributed to the market through different activities of promotion of the Ecosystem, payments, incentives, rewards, earnings, the activity of the participants inside the ecosystem, etc.
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