Token economics
The allocation of the PLAIX token was designed to achieve the target of platform development and growth with maximum community engagement. We need to make sure that distribution of the assets is fair and inclusive. To beat this challenge, we are engaging DAO to participate in the process, external DAOs, and communities to share the expertise, therefore adding value to PLAIX. We Introduce the initial allocation of tokens.

PLAIX token allocation:

Allocation, %
Ecosystem reserve (Treasury)
Incentives & innovation pool
Project development
Team allocation
Strategic rounds

The token release schedule:

  • 5% is dedicated to the public sale and will be available right after the token sale happen.
  • 15% tokens allocated to the strategic financing rounds and have two years lock with quarterly unlocks of parts from the supply from strategic rounds.
  • Team allocation of 25% of the supply has five years vesting.
  • As we’re going to engage communities and developers, therefore most of the supply - 70% of PLAIX tokens will be distributed directly to people through different activities. The other part is allocated to PLAIX treasury for the case of coverage of any “black swans” and future funding.
Also, we’re planning to distribute 5% of PLAIX on the Tokensale in the form of various token offering activities (at the stage of development). The details of the token sales will be published on the official PLAIX website: plaix.tech
We think that circulation distribution will take a 5-year release of all community-related tokens.
PLAIX token is a tool for speculation and an instrument for building extraordinary communities and strong organizations at first with financials with a minimum reliance on the infrastructure pain points.

PLAIX token initial distribution to certain activities:

  • Tokensale: Private
  • Sale Tokensale: IDO
  • Tokensale: Strategic Round
  • Community Incentives
  • Project development community incentives