Key problem

What is the key problem PLAIX solves?

Unfortunately, today communities are often informal organizations that do not represent any value in the economic field. PLAIX, as a digital ecosystem of virtual economy and blockchain-powered products for communities, is able to break these foundations and present a new metaverse with its own rules specifically in finance for people united by common interests and vision. Our vision is based on the current change in the market and society. We believe that communities will be the center of the activity for all aspects of life. Moreover, communities will be the major driver of the development of real and virtual worlds. We believe that PLAIX will be an infrastructural part of this new era (with a combination of products that can be easily used by communities to drive the activity; engagement to the technology part that will be integrated into the custom systems).

Communities want to see their value from the contribution.

Each person in the community contributes to its development: completion of some tasks, knowledge sharing, brainstorming, promotion of the community. Value recognition and distribution of incentives for the contribution is key for the community to get strong and mature.

Many communities are faced with some problems:

  • it takes a lot of time to maintain the community;
  • the passivity of community members;
  • high maintenance cost, money issues;
  • lack of growth; no monetization;
  • no recognition from banking and finance, etc.
A strong and developed community is an asset for all participants. The PLAIX Ecosystem puts the right tools in the hands of everyone for building strong communities.
We help to create value for people, build new governance, reward and monetize the community (sell access / create revenue), encourage better content or conversation; customize your points; empower the community.