Why use PLAIX?
PLAIX came directly from the understanding that people in the communities can start getting more value, develop and receive rewards. And communities can be more funded to streamline their growth.
All parts of PLAIX are related to the ability to create an accountable value inside the community using the blockchain and opportunities to utilize this value through DeFi, external integrations, cross-chain solutions, etc
  • PLAIX COMMUNITY CENTRAL It's a based on web3 tool for communities and DAOs to manage, monetize, develop, engage, incentivize the community, organization, companies, and groups.
  • PLAIX BOTS are interfaces for communities to operate with digital assets in messengers, conversational solutions, blogs, and provide functionality for community development using blockchain and smart contracts.
  • PLAIX DEFI gives an ability to utilize community and organizational tokens as a part of financial processes, get profit on your brand tokens, attract liquidity.
  • PLAIX GAMEFI is a great opportunity to create in-game assets, store, gain income, and share them with the community.
  • PLAIX MARKETS give access to the exchange, trades with virtual and physical assets and services, helps to monetize community, organization, company, or brand.
  • PLAIX EXTENSIONS This is a set of web-based solutions that work in a web 2.0, to boost its transition to hybrid and distributed people-driven communities.
  • PLAIX BRIDGER - a middleware for the real-world applications to start using PLAIX.
  • PLAIX DAO is a single governance authority for the management of the PLAIX Ecosystem.
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