How to participate in IDO?
One of the steps of the team to bring the development of the Ecosystem to a new level is to run the IDO to give the public presence for the PLAIX token.
We allocate 5% of the supply of the tokens for sale in the initial stage. As the first stage of the public spreading of PLAIX token and to fund the development of the Ecosystem, we decided to run a public sale in the form of Private sale + IDO.

The token sale price is set at $0,06 for the Public IDO.

Information about Private sale + IDO will be published on the official PLAIX website: Visit the official PLAIX website, follow the instructions there and buy a token

Funds usage

The main destination of funds will be the build cost, promotion, service providers to the network, operational costs.

How to participate?

The news about the participation in IDO will be distributed through community channels of the project.
Join the community here and keep track of the latest updates. Link.
Want to be among the first early buyers with some extra perks? Check out the private sell option here -> link.