Ecosystem overview


Our primary objective in PLAIX - build a wide ecosystem of products and tools for the communities, brands, and organizations to shift the way how they grow, monetize and earn.
The aim is to cover needs in creating the ability of distribution value to people in the communities and audience. The other side of it is the ability to use created value in exchange, payments, financial operations, integrate into the smart contracts, or launch own applications on the blockchain.


Our focus is easy integration of PLAIX products and features into external solutions, adding a decentralized layer and bringing more people to the web3.
In PLAIX we planned to cover such value points for people that are involved in communities: transactions (tipping, donations, microtransactions); markets (value exchange, commerce, selling products and assets); payments (interest-based paid communities, community purchases, subscriptions, memberships); DeFi (funding, liquidity, farming, borrowing, insurance, pools market); GameFi (digital goods, assets, personalizations, increase access, receive benefits); connection (platform integration, hybrid experience, integration of existing assets from another project).
This is the map of our ecosystem that we've planned to build in the next 2 years.