PLAIX Bots is an engine that helps evolve web2 products into web3 through user-driven. Our bots provide cross-blockchain access to digital assets for communities. It can be messengers, blogs, social media, forums, open community-building services, and so on.
We created PLAIX Bots in such a way that community owners or brands can simply add PLAIX bot to the messenger or blog and lunch its own community currency, smart contract or digital asset.
With PLAIX Bots community admins can set up auto reward rules for contribution, engagement, decision making; enable the ability to exchange, utilize the value and use the assets across the community and external sources.
Discord is one of the first platforms where you can use PLAIX Bots. The next platforms planned for the rollout are Telegram, Whatsapp and various CMS engines.
Follow our community channels to be among the first who will get the demo of our bots.
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