Communities are the platforms where gaming rules work.

Play-to-earn mechanics, in-app purchases, and in-game assets are becoming more and more popular. Who are the first adopters and the most powerful force in trying new ones, validating, promoting, developing games and gaming mechanics? - People and customers around games and gaming. We see that communities become game developers, adopters, ambassadors, and more. This is one of the reasons why PLAIX Ecosystem is focused on gaming communities.

In GameFi we are focused on:

  • Ability to create, integrate, use in-game virtual assets inside communities.
  • Create easy-to-use tools for adding blockchain virtual assets to existing games and making them available to a wide scale of people.
  • Remove the border between the communities, games, and developers.
PLAIX GameFi is a great tool that adds the ability to work with custom-created digital assets, integrate in-game personalizations, integrate existing game assets into the community, manage access levels, distribute and receive benefits, etc. In PLAIX GamiFi, there is a cross-integration of the game and community where the community continues the game and vice versa.
We will give the ability to add PLAIX GameFi features into existing games to engage a wide variety of people that play games now to decentralized assets and bring the gaming experience in current games to the next level. We have a conviction that any game will be powered with virtual assets on the blockchain.