PLAIX Road map
The PlAIX Ecosystem Road Map is dedicated to the filling needs of communities, brands, organizations with audiences and their participants in getting the value from their interactions. Based on that, we’re building the roadmap that consists of such Iterations:

Iteration 1

Q1 - Q3 22 Launch of PLAIX Bots, PLAIX DeFi. Full ability to create community assets in different environments and use them in a financial market.

Iteration 2

Q2 22 - Q4 22 Launch of PLAIX GameFi, Markets. Extending to the gaming assets and the ability to get more value from the community assets.

Iteration 3

Q1 23 - Q3 23 Launch of PLAIX Extention, Bridger: coverage of more native platforms and adding scalability for the custom integrations. And finally, all assets moved to PLAIX DAO.

Iteration 4

Q2 23 - Q4 23 Launch of the PLAIX Community Central - management solution for the mature communities.
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